Internet Service FAQs

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Most customers we speak with who are using satellite Internet are tired of data limits. A week into the month, they find they've used up their data allowance. They also complain that gaming is just not possible because of the lag time experienced with satellite connections. And, they're tired of losing their connection every time it storms.

The only similarity we have with satellite is that we install equipment on the exterior of your home. But the similarity ends there.

We do not place data limits on your account. Our Internet service is truly unlimited. Gamers are impressed that they can use our service without the lag they had on satellite. Also, weather is not a problem with Kansas Broadband Internet service.

DSL usually requires a phone line, which means you are forced into getting a bundle of services, rather than just the service you want. Beyond that, DSL typically limits your speeds from 1-3 Mbps in many areas. Many people on DSL who are located towards the end of the line experience very slow connectivity.

Although cable provides faster connectivity than DSL, we often hear people complain of poor customer service that can come with large providers.

One of our greatest advantages over these companies is our ability to provide hometown, one-on-one support for you and your family. That, and fast Internet with no data limits.

No, you don't. Kansas Broadband Internet does not require that any other service be installed at your home other than our radio equipment.

Our system requires that one our professional staff members installs a radio (usually at roof level) on your home or business. The equipment is built differently based on your technical needs, so the size and shape of the radio will vary. For example, certain equipment allows us to penetrate tree coverage, while other equipment is more suitable for an indoor unit.

A regular cat5 cable runs from the radio into your home. That cable plugs into a small power supply box that allows us to run another cat5 cable to your home router or other network setup.

If you have a wireless router, or plan to purchase one in the future, you will be able to share the service we install with all of your wireless devices such as phones, tablets, TVs and computer equipment.


Yes! We currently offer packages in most areas that will allow you to access all of your streaming services.  Call us at 800-823-7959 to verify that streaming packages are available in your area.

Call our sales team at 800-823-7959. They will ask for your address to verify that we can reach your home from one of our 80+ towers located throughout North Central and North East Kansas.

Our team uses a variety of programs to determine if we can provide a stable signal for your home or business. These programs are fairly accurate, but we are never 100% certain that service can be established until one of our technicians tests the equipment from your home at the time of installation.