Technical Support FAQs

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Many times your connection will begin to slow down if your computer is infected with viruses or spyware. Make sure you have an up-to-date virus protection program installed and running on your computer. Use the built-in detection tools to find out if indeed your computer has been infected. If you do not currently have an anti-virus program, you can download free programs such as Microsoft Security Essentials.

If your computer is free of viruses and you are still experiencing slowness, the next step is to determine if your router is damaged and/or not functioning properly. The quickest way to determine this is to trace the cable that runs from our power supply into the WAN port on your router. Unplug the end from the WAN port on the router and plug that directly into the LAN port on your computer. If you can see an improvement in speed, or your speed tests improve, then your router may be faulty.

If these steps fail to help diagnose a problem, call our technical support team at 800-823-7959 for assistance.

We try to make upgrading as easy as possible. Simply call our toll free number at 800-823-7959 and ask to speak to one of our technical support specialists to assist you with upgrading your account. They will perform a quick test on your equipment to verify that you can switch to the plan you want. Once that test is complete, they will upgrade your account.

Upgrading will not extend your current contract period. If you are no longer within a contract, you are not required to sign a new contract to move up or down in plans.

Our equipment is usually mounted on the exterior of the home on or near the rooftop. If you need the equipment moved for any reason, such as replacing a roof or residing your home, simply contact our support team at 800-823-7959 for assistance.

We charge a service fee to remount equipment. Talk with our support team for more information.

Yes, you can! Click on the button below to set up your account or login to pay your bill at any time.

You'll need your most recent invoice to set up an account. The easiest way to get set up is to call 800-823-7959 and speak to one of our support team members. They can assist you in and make sure your account is active.

If you've tried to set up an account using the information from your invoice and received an error message, please call our support team for help.

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We very much appreciate when our customers refer our service to friends and neighbors!

As a thank you, for every person you refer who activates an account with us, you each get one month free Internet service!

How it works: We credit your account for a free month of service once the person you refer has activated service and completed a successful installation. Anyone  you refer will also receive a one-month credit for the service level they select.

There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make or the number of free months you can receive. So, tell as many people as you can about Kansas Broadband Internet!